Please READ this page COMPLETELY.

The Basics:

Here is the most complete list around! It covers everything from using mods, to utilities that can save or backup your games and unlock codes, to editors that allow you to change the items in your inventory. They're all here! There's even a way to UN-RETIRE your character if needed. Even HARRY is here!

This page answers just about every basic question about using mods. Where to get them, and how to extract them. How to find directions for installation, and much more. Site navigation is available in the Navigation Bar on the left-hand side of the page, and again at the bottom of the page.

If you are new to mods and just want to learn how to use them, you should know that a little basic computer knowledge is very helpful since you need to know how to access and edit certain types of files. If you are unfamiliar with the different file types associated with Fate, then you should go through the mod forums and learn as much as you can before attempting to use any of this. Also you're going to want to make COMPLETE backups of your game and save characters because if you're not careful, mods can and will mess up your game if used incorrectly. You can find easy to use utilities to help with this on the Fate Utilities page.

Let me also say that ALL mods are USE AT YOUR OWN RISK, and in no way come with any GUARANTEES. If you have problems with any of these mods PLEASE post them in the appropriate threads or post them on the MOD BOARDS. Somebody will help you there. Oh and one more thing that I can't stress enough, PLEASE READ THE ENTIRE THREAD concerning the MOD that you want to use. Not only will you know what the mod does and adds to the game, but you will also be aware of any bugs or flaws that it might have along with any possible fixes.

Mod Manager:

Start with the thread titled MODMANAGER with 3 MINI MODS first. This is the preferred method of installing mods into FATE. Most modders adhere to this format to make it easier for people to use the mods that they have created. While most mods can be installed manually, this is by far easier!

You should probably read the first 3 or 4 pages of this anyway, to familiarize yourself with how the mod manager works and installs. If after you have finished those pages you still don't understand how it works you probably shouldn't attempt it just yet. But don't be discouraged just yet. With a little patience and do some reading through the MOD FORUM you can get the hang of this fairly easy.

For those who find the Mod Manager Thread a bit confusing, you could try reading Bugg's Installation Manual. She has taken the time to try to simplify these directions as much as possible, and may provide you some additional help. Another good place for getting started with Mods is the Tutorial Archive available from the Learn to MOD link on this page. Our Links page also has a few links to threads on specific "getting started with Mods" help topics.

Also the Mod Manager requires the MICROSOFT.NET FRAMEWORK in order to run correctly, and can be downloaded via the same thread as the mod manager. Both links are in Greg's signature, and available on our Fate Utilities

Additional Software:

One last thing...You will need a way to unzip or open your mods once you get them.There are basically two types of compressed files that mods come packaged in. Your basic Zip-file,and RAR format. On my Helpful Free ware page is a couple of utilities that will open both of these formats. Enjoy!!

Contact Us

If for any reason you need to contact us,whether it be a broken link , suggestions, or any comments, or a mod submission, you can do so by clicking the "contact Us" button at the bottom and left side of the page. Post your question or concern , and we will get to you as soon as possible.


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