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Welcome to the Tutorial Archive

Welcome to the Fate Tutorial Archive. You will find a collection of all the threads that have “How To” instructions here. They are posted in alphabetical order, along with the author and a small description of what is taught. Just click on a category, and then on one of the links below to view the tutorial.

We have quite a variety of information available, from installing mods, to making them. If you have any questions, or would like a tutorial added, Click Here.

Our category pages are designed to be as self-explanatory as possible, but “Best laid plans,” and all that… so a little bit of explanation:

Fate Facts

Fate Facts contains a list of little tutorial-type tidbits. Things that are not really a subject unto themselves, but definitely important to know. Except for Octagon’s Formulae of Fate, which is a HUGE collection of facts and a spreadsheet to help you make practical use of them.


The Artwork category contains tutorials for art related subjects. Everything from colouring 2D art icons to using 3D StudioMax to create and animate models.


The Coding category contains tutorials that explain how to edit, and even write your own ".dat file" code for game items and monsters. We also have some introductory tutorials on hex-editing here.

Using Utilities

The Using utilities section covers how to use the various community created utilities. Whether to fill gaps in documentation or to cover little known features, you can find it here.

Notes on Fate versions

For Windows XP users:

Most of these tutorials were written for the older, Owlbear version of Fate, also known as 1.21. The newer, Shrike version, 1.21A has a different path to the main game files. The Shrike version, released in July, 2006, uses the following paths to access the main game files:

C:/Program Files/WildGames/FATE

To find your ".DDS" files:

C:/Documents and Settings/All Users/Application Data/WildTangent/fate/Cache

For your SAVE file, your config.dat, and your screenshots:

C:/Documents and Settings/All Users/Application Data/WildTangent/fate/Persistent

There is more about this on the Fate Fact pages.

My thanks to all our tutorial creators.

Special thanks to Theminifigmaster for his work on the masthead image. Great job!